What is the Cape Town Men's Convention?

The Cape Town Men's Convention (CTMC) is an annual event hosted by the REACH SA (Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South Africa - aka Church of England in South Africa) to encourage men to live for Christ. The event connects men from across the Western Cape as brothers in Christ, and acts as a catalyst for following Christ's example throughout the year.

CTMC is an event that takes men out of their regular environment and gives them time to reflect in the company of fellow Christians, while being challenged to put their faith into practice.  We believe that, as Christians, we are called into relationship - not only with the Father through his Son, Jesus Christ - but also with his family - our brothers and sisters in Christ. In this light, we believe it's important to engage with each other as we grapple with the Truth and there is an emphasis on interaction, reflection and prayer in small groups.

CTMC also serves as a catalyst for men's ministry in local churches - creating a forum for church members to engage and plan for the year ahead. While the event fee is calculated to cover the cost of the event, we have sponsorship available for any man who wants to attend, but genuinely cannot afford the fee - just contact your church rep - we've yet to turn any man away.